It’s 6:30 am in Manhattan, and I need to be out at JFK around 11 am for my 1 pm flight back to Los Angeles. But first I’ll be visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum (opens at 8:30 am) for a little stroll-around. No, I’m not paying $20-odd dollars for entrance to the gift shop and I’m not buying any NYFD T-shirts or any of the other knick-knacks. I just want to stand there and take some shots and look down into the two pools where the twin towers once stood. I’m giving myself 45 minutes, all in. Update: It was raining cats, dogs and raccoons when I got down there around 8:40 am. Pond-sized puddles and damp socks and still a lot of construction fences and machinery. Way too many bodies and umbrellas. Another time.