“I think Trump is going to win. I’m sorry. People are in denial of this, but [his] chance of winning is really, really good. It’s going to be the Brexit strategy. I was there during the Michigan primary, [and what Trump was saying] was music to people’s ears. More people in the Michigan primary voted Republican than Democratic….that’s disturbing” — Michael Moore during last night’s Bill Maher/Real Time special assessment of the Republican Convention’s activities. I posted this last night, but pay closer attention. Moore begins his riff around the 9:45 mark — make it the ten-minute mark.

Moore said the same thing in London last month. Quote: “Trump knows how to manipulate a dumbed-down population.”

Democracy works for the betterment of a country only with the participation of voters who are at least somewhat educated, semi-informed (i.e., people who read more legitimate news sources than Sarah Palin was able to mention when she was asked about this by Katie Couric in ’08) and trying to absorb the world beyond the reach of tribal gut prejudices.