The last three minutes of this Cenk Uygur election rant is brilliant in the sense that it cuts right to the heart of things. The first seven minutes focus on Hillary Clinton‘s recent downward poll trajectory (i.e., losing in Ohio and Florida) and the possibility of further weakening in other battleground states, but the last three minutes focus on the hubris of the Clinton campaign and more particularly the attitude of denial within her staff and among supporters in the media.

The money portion comes when Uygur speaks to or rather pleads rhetorically with HRC, to wit: “Remind me what you’re running for. ‘I’m With Her’ is not a thing…that’s not a thing that you run for. We all knew why Bernie Sanders was running…income inequality, which he’s been fighting for 40 years. And Trump is a madman, he’s running for his ego, we all know that…but Hillary Clinton, what are you running for? ‘Stronger Together’, whatever that means, but what are you running for? What does Hillary Clinton care about? I don’t know. Do you know? Does she know? Has she communicated this to the American people?

“Clinton campaign — snap out of it! You’re not just losing to a Republican — you’re losing to a monstrous Republican!

“Tell the American people why you want to be president…how you’re going to help them, how you’re going to fix the country. ‘More of the same’ is the worst platform I have ever seen. We told you that the American people hate the establishment, and yet [the Democratic machine and a majority of Democratic voters] picked the most establishment candidate there ever was…establishment rocks! Worst campaign idea I’ve ever seen…way to screw over the country.”