The right choices — the smartest move, the wisest path, the most considerate or responsible or least self-destructive course of action — never flash across my brainpan flatscreen as written messages — words running right to left saying “you really need to pay your utility bills today” or “you really need to send some ten chili dogs over to the North Bergen fire department.” The right thing to do always comes as a very light tap on the shoulder — so light and subtle sometimes that coarse or undeveloped people don’t even know they’re being “spoken to,” as it were. It’s like a barely audible elevator tone in the mind….ping. The words don’t have to be repeated or written down or verbalized — you just know the right course. When I was younger I used to get these signals and go “yeah, maybe…worth considering.” Now I don’t mess around. When the voice tells me what to do, I do it. The voice knows.