Remember that mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, Michigan and and Wisconsin probably won’t be fully counted until Wednesday (11.4), Thursday (11.5) or even Friday (11.6). As Covid-resistant conservative Republicans are expected to live-vote on Tuesday in greater numbers than Democrats and Independents, it’s possible that Trump tallies will initially be higher than Biden’s in these three states…maybe.

So the drama will begin on Tuesday night, but it’s unlikely to conclude. Perhaps the numbers will favor Biden anyway. but the count may not be statistically conclusive until Friday, or five days hence.

I only wish there could be a nationwide referendum on wokeness on Tuesday. On every ballot in every state, an optional supplemental questionaire would read “on a scale of one to ten how much do you hate wokester shithead protestors, especially those from the northwest and double especially those who trash local retail storefronts whenever there’s another horrible, unwarranted shooting by trigger-happy cops?” It would be deeply gratifying to just punch in a response. Just to say this and be heard.

Remember that Atlantic poll from almost exactly two years ago? 79 percent of whites hate wokesters. Ditto Asians (82 percent), Hispanics (87 percent), American Indians (88 percent) and African Americans (75%).