Herman Cain‘s…I mean, Mark Block‘s recently surfaced web ad is an absolute howl because of how it ends. After saying that “I really believe that Herman Cain will be ‘united’ back in the United States of America” and “if I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be here” and “we’ve run a campaign like no one’s ever seen,” Block sucks in a lungful of cigarette smoke.

Obvious message: If individual voters or small business owners or corporate chiefs want to act in some kind of irresponsible or unhealthy way, President Herman Cain will not give them grief for that because this is a free country. In a way the cigarette finale is almost brilliant. Hah!

“When have there have been so many alleged GOP frontrunners whom we all know haven’t a prayer of being the nominee of their party?,” a filmmaker friend asked this morning. “Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, the Hermanator. Cain is one of the strangest men to ever run for President (up there with Ross Perrot but not as qualified). If he does become the nominee you can expect Obama to win forty-five states.

My response: Cain is building a political-celebrity business. He wants his own Fox News show…that’s all. And to stay on top of the public-speaking circuit. He’s a total hustler and a total animal. He’s in this game for what he can get. Romney will almost certainly be the nominee.