I’ve told a few journalist acquaintances about a Sundance condo share…zip. They’re all set up elsewhere and/or can’t be bothered to reply so I’m going public. It’s a very large & spacious one-bedroom apartment at the Park Regency that easily accomodates three (i.e., myself and a journalist friend plus tenant X.) There’s a whole separate bunk bed area for the third person. The rental term is Saturday to Saturday so we’re taking it for two full weeks (1.14 through 1.28) for $2675. Divided by three = $891 or $89 per day if you’re Sundancing for the full 10 days.

The place has one regular big bedroom (me) with a full bathroom that I can share with someone, two bunk beds in their own area and a living room couch-bed with another full bathroom. It’s not cramped, there’s a decent amount of breathing room, the wifi is solid and it’s ideally located. Walkable to Eccles, walkable to Yarrow, totally walkable to Park City Marriott. It has a shuttle service that takes you anywhere. Big lobby with fireplace, free coffee, heated pool, etc.

$891 and $89 a day for the whole thing sounds pretty good to me, and there’s even room for four if the two newbies don’t mind bunking it down in the same alcove. Four would work out to $668.75 each. I’m always gone in the morning and don’t return until 11 or 12 midnight so I don’t care. Strictly for crashing and showering.

I usually arrive on Wednesday (1.18.12) to get set up and pick up my pass, etc.