I was invited to last night’s party for James Toback‘s Tyson doc. This morning’s, I should say, as it wasn’t expected to begin until after midnight. “Everyone will be there by 12:30,” a publicist told me. The event was at the Palm Beach Casino, which is way out on the eastern side of the bay. I arrived a few minutes after midnight and stayed until just before 1 am. I saw no Tyson people, no friendly faces…nothing.

Les goons

All I did was talk fruitlessly to four or five door apes who didn’t give a damn about my printed invitation. They waved in their friends (lizardy Euro-clubber types) and gave me the old “if you want to get in, wait patiently and bow down to our gangster power and we might show benevolence” routine. Sure thing. The night air was cool and invigorating as I walked home. I had a nice warm Panini sandwich and a bottle of water, and got to bed just before 2 am.