Three days late and a dollar short, HE has joined the throng of sites running that on-set JFK look-alike photo from Zack Snyder‘s Watchmen (Warner Bros., 3.6.09), which began filming a few days ago but won’t open for another 18 months. An adaptation of Alan Moore‘s renowned graphic novel series, pic is set in an alternative, neo-Orwellian 1985 in which superhero-ism has been outlawed. Plot focuses on two of them — Billy Crudup‘s “Dr. Manhattan” and Jackie Earl Haley‘s”Rorschach” — uncovering an evil plot to inject lime sherbet into jars of Italian pesto sauce.

A Watchmen site snoop has reported that a flashback scene of Dr. Manhattan meeting President John F. Kennedy on the porch of the White House was filmed the other day….whatever.