Neil Jordan and Jodie Foster‘s The Brave One (Warner Bros., 9.14) will probably rule the roost this weekend. It’s tracking 74, 39 and 17, which indicates a good $20 million weekend, and maybe a nudge over. Dragon Wars (also opening tomorrow) is at 41, 30 and 9, which means it’ll do less than Jodie & Co..

Billy Bob Thornton‘s Mr. Woodcock (also debuting tomorrow) will do between $10 and $15 million with a 70, 36 and 12. David Cronenberg‘s Eastern Promises, which is platforming tomorrow and opening wide-ish next weekend, is at 29, 27 and 1.

Good Luck, Chuck (.21) is at 72, 37 and 8. Draw factors include Jessica Alba and that vanilla ice cream cone and Dane Cook, who has a following. The drawback is that Cook strikes some of us as an unrefined Stanley Kowalski type. Did you see him in Mr. Brooks? He’s an animal. His tail swings and you can see steam coming out of his nostrils in the pasture.

Peter Berg‘s The Kingdom opens two weeks from now, and is currently looking at 61, 37 and 6.. It’ll be sneaking this weekend. The Farrelly Brothers’ The Heartbreak Kid, opening 10.5, is looking at 60, 31 and 3, which indicates a good-but-not-spectacular opening. I expect it’ll start upticking before long. Most people don’t get wind of a hit until the very last minute.