I realize that Congressperson Val Demings has been behind Sen. Marco Rubio all along in the polls. A new pool from Florida Atlantic University shows Rubio leading Demings by 6 points, 48 percent to 42 percent.

That said, Demings came off as a better debater, and I believe she’s a better human being. Nobody laughed at her during the debate, but they laughed their ass off at Rubio when he lied about his former position on the 2020 election.

Four Takeaways From the Rubio-Demings Debate in Florida’s Senate Race,” reported on 10.18 by Lisa Lerer and Maggie Astor for the N.Y. Times:

“Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and his Democratic challenger, Representative Val Demings, met for the only debate of the Florida Senate race on Tuesday, a fast-paced, fiery face-off that cruised through a series of the top issues affecting the country and the state.

“Mr. Rubio, who participated in around a dozen debates as a Republican presidential candidate in 2016, was polished and quick. Taking a more evocative approach, Ms. Demings sought to cast him as heartless, disconnected from the human impact of his policies on issues like abortion and guns.

“Still, she may not have gotten the kind of viral moment necessary to shift the trajectory of the race in her favor. For months, polls have shown Mr. Rubio with a lead in Florida, a perennial battleground state but one that has shifted to the right.”

Other poll findings: President Biden has a 41% approval rating and 50% disapproval among voters.

The most important issues for voters are inflation at 36% and threat to democracy at 19%. The only other issues to reach double digits is healthcare at 11%.

Of the four statewide candidates, DeSantis is the most popular with a 56% favorable/38% unfavorable rating. Rubio has a 51% favorable/41% unfavorable rating, Demings has a 43% favorable/37% unfavorable rating and Crist has his ratings underwater with a 41% favorable/47% unfavorable rating.

In a hypothetical 2024 matchup between President Biden and DeSantis, DeSantis leads 48% to 42% compared with former President Trump who leads Biden 45% to 41%.