…in which Steven Spielberg‘s West Side Story, one of the best of the year and one of the most inventively alive remakes of all time plus a likely winner of the Best Picture Oscar, is looking at a first-weekend gross between $12 and $17 million. Because under-25s see it as a GenX and boomer nostalgia thing, which is what it partly is — let’s face it. It cost over $100 million to produce, and will probably end up losing money.

Meanwhile Jon Watts, Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal‘s Spider-Man: No Way Home (12.17) is looking at opening-day gross of $40 million and probably $200 million by 12.19. WSS is mostly an older-audience thing (30-plus) while Spider-Man (which I would watch only under Clockwork Orange-style restraints) owns the 25-and-unders.