Night-before, post-midnight screenings of big summer movies are routine, but I was especially intrigued to hear about 6 am showings of The Dark Knight in this 7.9 N.Y. Times story by Michael Cieply.
One of the most vivid screenings of my life happened when I attended a 5 am showing of THX 1138, which was being shown as part of 24-hour science-fiction marathon. I was barely awake but felt very alive and open-pored. I had seen this George Lucas film at some funky-ass repertory theatre, and at a too-late hour if I correctly recall. I was okay with it after seeing it there. But the 5 am wake-up screening was a revelation in that I came out floored by THX 1138. Every little thing that Lucas intended, I got. Especially the humor.
I’ve been convinced ever since that the very early wee hours (following a few hours of sleep) are the best time to see a movie.
I’m going to keep checking Fandango, but if anyone hears about a 6 am Dark Knight screening in Los Angeles proper, please advise. Why haven’t I seen The Dark Knight in a regular press screening?