Among others, Bridge of Spies director Steven Spielberg and dp Janusz Kaminski will sit for a q & a following Wednesday night’s screening at Westwood’s Village theatre. If they allow questions from the audience, will I have the courage to ask Kaminski why he shoots almost everything with the same visual scheme — the same bleachy, milky, flood-lit shots with the grayish desaturated colors and deep blacks — or will I sit there and say nothing like the wuss I too often am? Posted on 12.9.12: “The morning light in Santa Barbara was almost oppressively milky, hazy, foggy. Pretty close to bleachy. It was, in short, a Janusz Kaminski day, and I hated it. I’ll always hate it. I hated it before I was born. I am the Captain Ahab of milky-white-light haters.”