Spider-Man 3 is being projected to earn $60,379,000 this weekend — a 60% drop. If people really liked it, it would be doing better than this. (The CinemaScore rating was only a B.) It’s now at $242 million cume, and will end up with a bit more than $300 million domestic. But it cost over $300 million to make and the marketing costs were over $100 million, and nobody but nobody who saw it did cartwheels in the lobby. A cruddy script written by three screenwriters (Raimi, Raimi’s brother and Alvin Sargent, producer Laura Ziskin‘s husband>) and populated with too many villains (i.e., three).
Worldwide and DVD revenues will put it into profit, but it’s on par with Iraqi War in terms of waste and redeeming enjoyment levels.
28 Weeks Later will end up with $10,893,000 — 2304 theatres, $4700 a print. Georgia Rules, a disaster, will finish with $5,896,000 — so much for the drawing power of Lindsay Lohan. Disturbia will earn $4,659,000 by Sunday, off 20%. Lionsgate’s
Delta Farce will end up with $3,505,000 in 1300 venues.
Fracture will make $2,962,000. The Invisibles — $2,108,000. Meet The Robinsons — $1,742,000. The Ex — $1,640,000. Hot Fuzz — $1,613,000, off 27%.