Nothing looks sensational this weekend. Yesterday’s numbers on Apocalypto (Touchstone, 12.8) were at 82, 24 and 12…although it still has a 14 % definitely-not-interested. It might eke out $10 million or so. Blood Diamond (Warner Bros.) is at 76, 28 and 14. It’s played moderately well with some but the reviews are not there . A strong show of support by women probably means that Nancy MeyersThe Holiday (Columbia) will at least be competitive and may do better than indicated by Thursday’s figures (i.e., 74, 29, 8). Unaccompanied Minors was at 59, 19 and 1…no business to speak of.
The first tracking figures on Dreamgirls (12.15), which almost certainly indicates the effects of mostly urban advertising, is now at 43 % general awareness and a 29 % definite interest…but it also has a definitely-not-interested rating of 13%, which is high. This is most likely your white cracker rurals telling phone surveyors they don’t want to see a black musical with a gay sensibility, blah, blah. The numbers will go up next week either way.
The biggest numbers of the month are going to be earned by The Pursuit of Happyness (Columbia, 12.15).