“On Monday, millions will be waiting breathlessly for the results from the New York Film Critic Circle Awards,” writes N.Y. Times Oscar guy David Carr (a.k.a. “the Bagger”). “Okay, that’s patently not true, but dozens, at least, will be breathing heavily as they wait to find out what gives. The Bagger has done nothing by way of investigation, save talking to a friend who talked to some other friends who know some people. So, with a sampling error that approaches 100 percent, he can say with certain uncertainty that The Departed might sneak in.
“This year, some love the tidy achievement of The Queen, while others are stuck on Pan’s Labyrinth. Alfonso Cuaron has his posse as well, so maybe Children of Men will get its first visibility of the season. Don’t look for Letters from Iwo Jima to remain on a New York roll. The smartypants who sit in this circle have a bit of a Clint issue, and refused to get their arms around either Mystic River or Million Dollar Baby.”