30 Days of Night, the Josh Hartnett vampire film, will, of course, be the #1 film this weekend with a 60 general, 36 definite and 13 first choice — the trippiest, scariest entry in the pack, obviously destined to bring in the moronic (grunt-level, aesthetically challenged) majority. Fox Atomic’s The Comebacks, another attraction that guys like me don’t even want to know about, is at 48, 33 and 11.

Ben Affleck‘s Gone Baby Gone (Miramax) will probably be the strongest-performing of the weekend’s three sober dramas with a 60, 35 and 10. Gavin Hood‘s Rendition (New Line) has a 56, 30 and 5, and Susanne Bier‘s Things We Lost in the Fire (Paramount) has a 50, 35 and 6, so they’ll be neck and neck for 2nd and 3rd place among this somber trio.

Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour (Freestyle), another cheeseball attraction, is at 17, 22 and 1.

Touchstone and Steve Carell‘s Dan in Real Life (which is sneaking on Saturday night) is at 49, 35 and 4 — a lowish number for a film opening on 10.26.07. Which is why they’re sneaking it. One reason the numners are low is that people once trusted the costar of Little Miss Sunshine but now, after Evan Almighty and reports about Get Smart, they realize he’ll do just about anything for the right paycheck.

Saw 4 will almost certainly be #1 next weekend — 56, 33 and 8.

American Gangster, opening on 11.2, is at 76, 57 and 18 — likely to be enormous over the first three days, earning perhaps as much as $40 million. DreamWorks and Jerry Seinfeld‘s Bee Movie — 71, 33 and 5 — should be #2 with decent business. (The fact that they’re only screening it for the press next week means there are issues of concern. If they really had something, they’d be running with it earlier.) New Line and John Cusack‘s Martian Child is at 38, 21 and 1.

Among the 11.9 openings, Fred Claus is at 57, 29 and 3. Amy Heckerling‘s I Could Never Be Your Woman (Bauer Martinez) is at 14, 32 and 0. Lions for Lambs (MGM) is at 41, 24 and 1. And P2 is at 13, 26 and 0.