Night at the Museum will be #1 this weekend with a projected $26,756,000 — down 27% from last weekend — for a total cume of $166,853,000 — a huge hit and a piece of shit. The Pursuit of Happyness will be #2 with $13,879,000., off 28%, obviously a hangin’-in-there hit with a total grab of $125,037,000.
Bolstered by rave reviews, Children of Men will end up with a Sunday-night tally of $10,313,000 in 1289 theatres, at roughly $8500 a print. You could project total earnings in the $35 million range and you might be right, but I believe in fairies so I’m hoping it’ll at least break $40 million. It’s a great film, after all — a bona-fide classic
Paramount’s fourth-place Freedom Writers will have about $9,846,000 by Sunday night.
Weekend projections for the bottom six of the top ten are as follows: Dreamgirls $8,644,000 (off 39%); Charlotte’s Web,$7,360,000; Happily Never After, 7,001,000; The Good Shepherd, $6,525,000; Rocky Balboa, $6,428,000; We Are Marshall, $5,604,000. And Code Name: The Cleaner will end up with roughly $4,297,000.