Peter Lauria‘s New York Post analysis of the Weinstein Co.’s financial situation, which has lately been pummelled by negative rumors, states the following: (a) “The studio’s debt-to-equity ratio is running at an even 1-to-1, according to a source who has seen its finances, which compares to Lionsgate’s debt-to-equity ratio of 0.14-to-1; (b) “A second source who has seen The Weinstein Co.’s finances said the studio has ‘several hundred million dollars of liquidity’ available and that its debt-to-equity ratio is by no means problematic because ‘as losses turn to profits, it will go completely in the opposite direction’; and (c) a statement from Bob Weinstein that ‘debt is good, you use debt to acquire…If I wanted to access a billion dollars more debt from Goldman tomorrow and I had something worth buying or taking over, we’re now in a game where we can do that…we never were able to do that at Disney.”

But the best quote belongs to Harvey: Fuck everybody. We are back to being No. 1 in profitability and gross.”