40 years after the fact, Carrie Fisher has revealed that Han Solo was putting the high hard one to Princess Leia for three months during the 1976 filming of the original Star Wars in England. The salacious details will be alluded to but most likely not revealed in Fisher’s “The Princess Diarist,” which hits stores on 11.22. Fisher reportedly describes the affair as “intense”, a presumed allusion to her emotional state more than her costar’s. The 33 year-old Ford was married at the time (big deal) and was probably telling himself “life is short, love affairs are shorter…oh, sweet nectar of eros!” Fisher was a ripe 19. It just goes to show that the camera doesn’t necessarily absorb  chemistry between costars, as no one has ever sensed a drop of the stuff while watching what later became known as Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope. The sexual tension between Han and Leia breathes and heaves in The Empire Strikes Back, of course, but that was three years later. Fisher’s confession does seem to lend a certain decades-old poignancy to that legendary Empire scene when Princess Leia says “I love you!” as Han is descending into the carbon-freeze pit and Han says “we lived, baby…we went there.”