Wes Anderson loves old trains. Who doesn’t? Especially the three-decker kind (which I’ve never heard of, much less seen in my life) with little staterooms and kitchens and pretty girls travelling alone. I haven’t been on a European train with an old-fashioned dining car (i.e, the kind with tablecloths and waiter service) since the ’90s. The things I like best about this H&M holiday spot are (a) the CG snow flurries, (b) “Conductor Ralph,” (c) the calligraphy for the sign “H&M Lines — Winter Express” on the train-car exterior (b) the general sense of realism within the train (the slightly rhythmic movement, shuttered windows, atmospheric fog, the hook snagging the mail bag and the small Christmas tree). An arrival at 3:17 am due to an 11 1/2 hour delay? Let me tell you something — I love arriving at exotic train stations after midnight and before dawn.