I wanted to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens a second time following the 12.14 premiere; I wanted to see if my initial positive reaction would hold. I saw it again the following night, and it pretty much did. But it’s not really a grower — i.e., one of those films that take root and yield deeper and richer satisfactions days, weeks or months later. Due respect but enjoyable as it is, SW: TFA is pretty much a one or two-timer. (The Revenant is a grower — I’ve watched it four times now.)

Which is why I was surprised by a 12.27 THR piece by Pamela McClintock that said “repeat viewers…are playing an increased role playing an increased role in the movie’s record-shattering run as the audience broadens out.” Disney distribution president Dave Hollis tells her that “you can’t do these kind of numbers without extraordinary repeat business…we know anecdotally people are seeing it three and four times.”

HE to readership: (a) Are you a SW:TFA repeat viewer or do you at least know people who fit this profile? and (b) to what extent to you agree or disagree that it’s not really a grower? For the record I’ve seen The Empire Strikes Back at least nine or ten times, by the way. (Four or five times in theatres, the rest on Bluray.) It’s the one Star Wars film that you can watch over and over if you wait a year or so between viewings.

What other growers are out there now in your view, if any? Name some classic growers (i.e., films you’ve seen five or more times.)