10:45 am Pacific update: Embattled DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz has told the Orlando Sun-Sentinel that she won’t be gavelling the Democratic National Convention or appear on stage at any time. She’s become a toxic boo magnet.

Earlier: It seems clear that Donald Trump is in some kind of cahoots with Vladimir Putin, and that Putin’s Russian hackers were key in hacking emails that have proved what everyone knew all along, which is that operatives within the Democratic National Committee worked against Bernie Sanders and carried water for Hillary Clinton.

And yet, despite the malevolent motives of Putin-Trump, the emails nonetheless point to a rigged and odious pro-Clinton bias, chiefly enforced by recently resigned DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, against the Sanders campaign. If you were a Berner, how would you feel this morning?

What did Hillary do in the wake of this? True to form, she immediately announced her high regard for Wasserman Schultz and announced that (a) DWS has been hired to serve as “honorary chair” of an effort to elect Democrats nationwide, and (b) will continue to serve as a Clinton surrogate in Florida.

This should basically be a pseudo-Manchurian Candidate story about Putin manipulating the Presidential race with Trump’s winking complicity — as well as his recently stated willingness to not necessarily challenge Putin in terms of any future potential conflicts with NATO in Europe.

And yet Clinton has diluted that narrative and underscored Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” meme by embracing Schultz with not so much as a word of regret or disapproval…mind-blowing. Adding to the horror is the fact that Nate Silver has just reported that Trump’s Cleveland bounce has him ahead of Hillary now. This will eventually swing back, of course, possibly as soon as next week, but still.

On top of which DWS was booed this morning by Sanders supporters within her own Florida delegation. Will the embattled Schultz be permitted to gavel the Democratic Convention this evening and almost certainly spark more booing?

This morning Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza noted that the Florida delegation “is only the beginning for Wasserman Schultz. If things were this bad at a Florida delegation breakfast, can you imagine the reaction when Wasserman Schultz gavels the convention to order later today? Or any other time she appears on stage?

“It’s hard to imagine that Clinton and her allies will allow such a spectacle to steal the spotlight of the convention. Wasserman Schultz may not even make it until Thursday — or even the end of today — as the party chair.”