Friendo: How are you feeling about tomorrow?
HE: The Biden victory starts tomorrow night, concludes Thursday or Friday. Anyone who thinks that Tuesday’s returns will be an either-or, could-go-either-way, “who knows?” thing is living in a nether realm.
Friendo: It’ll come down to four states: Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
HE: Not North Carolina? Not Arizona?
Friendo: I think Trump has NC and maybe AZ, but this is based purely on advanced voting. My prediction is Trump has a slight lead over Biden before we find out the results of WI, PA, MI and MB and MN. This is going to the courts, bruh.
HE: A slight electoral lead over Biden until those four states come in?
Friendo: Three of those four states have installed rules to continue counting ballots until Friday
HE: Right.
Friendo: It’ll be too tight to declare a winner tomorrow, in my opinion. Trump won three of those four states in 2016 so Biden needs to flip them but he is leading in polling in each.
HE: A cliffhanger situation until Thursday or Friday? Naaahh. Tuesday tallies won’t be conclusive, but they’ll be pretty encouraging. If, God forbid, it somehow goes the wrong way regardless, everyone will be blaming wokesters and cancel culture.