Vampires Suck, one of those silly, blink-of-an-eye distractions that nobody cares or thinks about, is #1 so far with $5 million earned yesterday, a projected $14 to $15 million by Sunday night and a five-day cume of $21 million. Boxoffice‘s Phil Contrino says “there’s no way Vampires Suck will be #1 this weekend. We’re estimating $4.24 million yesterday and $12.8 million for the weekend. The Expendables will easily be on top by Sunday.”

And yet as we speak Sylvester Stallone‘s actioner is down 64% from last weekend’s opener, and is in second place so far with $4.8 million yesterday. I’m looking at $14.5 million for the weekend and a grand cume of $62.7 million. So…what, it might limp to $80-something million by the end of the run?

The third-place Lottery Ticket, another nothing movie, did about $3.7 million yesterday for an approximate $11 million by Sunday night.

Eat Pray Love, not bad in my book but clearly not igniting with the general populace, is down 57% from last weekend’s opener with $3.6 million yesterday, a little more than $11 million for the weekend and a $36 million cume, give or take.

Piranha 3D — can you imagine actually saying to a friend, “Hey, let’s go see Piranha 3D“? — will come in fifth with 3.6 million yesterday and a possible $10 million for the weekend. The sixth-place Nanny McPhee has sputtered — $3 million yesterday, maybe $9 million by Sunday night. The Other Guys is down 47% for $2.9 million yesterday, possibly $9.5 by Sunday night — whoa, it could wind up beating Nanny McPhee and Piranha 3D!

Jennifer Aniston‘s girly-girl fans didn’t come out for The Switch$2.8 million yesterday, $8 million for weekend and a #8 slot. But she’s loaded and has a great ass (really) and is probably vacationing in Barbados as we speak.

Inception is #9 for a $2.1 million Friday, a $7 million weekend and a grand $261.2 million cume.

The tenth-place Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is an absolute corpse — $1.5 million yesterday (down 65% from last weekend), $4.5 million for the weekend and a $20.2 million cume.