The BAFTA nominations pop tonight just after 11:35 pm Pacific (i.e., tomorrow morning in London at 7:35 am. The lastwordonearth guys are tipping the following: (a) “The big local players are 45 Years and Brooklyn” — shocker, (b) Charlotte Rampling, Saoirse Ronan and Maggie Smith will nab Best Actress nominations, (c) The Fucking Martian‘s Matt Damon will go head to head with Leonardo DiCaprio but lose in the end, even if no one really loves The Revenant, and Ridley Scott (a.k.a. “Sir Ridders”) is in the lead position in BAFTA’s Best Director competish, (d) Alicia Vikander will land a Best Supporting Actress nom for The Danish Girl, which no one loves, (e) Bridge of Spies‘ Mark Rylance has the Best Supporting Actor award in the bag; (e) Lenny Abrahamson‘s Room “isn’t being discussed much around the scene” (it’s dying everywhere), (f) reactions to The Big Short have been “muted, (g) Kate Winslet is a “lock” for Best Supporting in Steve Jobs with Carol‘s Rooney Mara her toughest competitor, etc. I’m sorry but the BAFTAs have never accelerated my pulse rate.