“I think certain criticisms that I’ve heard about myself repeatedly start to linger,” Fantastic Mr. Fox director Wes Anderson has told L.A.Weekly‘s Joe Donnelly. “The things that I think about are whether or not I’m telling the same kind of family stories and whether these movies are so meticulously art-directed or organized that people can’t get into the story.

Fantastic Mr.Fox display in window of Manhattan’s Bergdorf Goodman.

“The hardest things are just the movies you spend years on. Not everybody’s occupation in their life is [about] this moment where it’s kind of yes or no, where there’s a kind of deciding moment for the three years you just spent. And when the movie comes out, it can go badly.

“I feel like with Darjeeling Limited, I got a lot of people saying I was repeating certain things. But for me, I was doing a movie in India about these three brothers and those things are different. I mean, it’s in India. It’s a completely different movie.

“In the end, I just do whatever I do, probably,” he says.