I think once the word gets out on what a rousing and splendorific LSD eyeball-fuck movie Avatar is that the ambivalance will melt right away and the first weekend will indeed hit the low 70s, and maybe higher…who knows? And once younger Eloi females…naah, I take that back. I was going to say that once they see that the loyal and passionate relationship between Sam Worthington‘s Jake Sully and Zoe Saldana‘s Neytiri actually registers and sinks in (okay, perhaps not on a Leo-Kate-Titanic level, but you can really feel it toward the end) that they might start to get into it, but young Eloi women are too shallow and comfort-driven and into nail polish to embrace a mad spirit-of-the-jungle movie like Avatar.

Avatar is primarily a guy movie — let’s face it. We suspected it all along and now the proof is there on the screen. It’s for guys of all ages and X-factor women of all shapes, sizes and cultures. But women who live, breathe and dream about the culture of the mall will feel threatened by it.