HE reader DeafBrownTrashPunk was initially surprised to find The Real Cancun included among Salon’s Films of the Decade series, but it made sense to her after considering Michael Tully‘s explanation, to wit: Cancun isn’t a great film but a “disturbingly relevant historical document” about the eventual fall of Western Civilization due…well, due to many things but at least partly to the pathetic nowhereness of 2003’s wanker-class college youth. The film shows us scores of George Bushes-to-be having the time of their lives, and we all know where that leads.

“I remember how, as a young Muslim college student struggling to fit in after 9-11, I was shocked and appalled by how the U.S media was always focused on stupid reality shows and celebrities like Paris Hilton while ignoring the freshly declared war in Iraq and Afghanistan,” she writes. “It seemed like, at the time, at my school, nobody cared, except for olds hippies and Vietnam vets who were against the war and constantly spoke out.”

She asked for my reaction, and I wrote back that Tully “is essentially observing the same thing about the mindless party-class Eloi of six and a half years ago in The Real Cancun that I’ve been talking about every other day on the site. These people are truly a cancer eating away at the remnants of culture in the 21st Century. Samuel Johnson, Victor Hugo and Baba Ram Dass would get hold of firearms and shoot them. In a forward-thinking world they would be rounded up along with the Tea Baggers and incarcerated in government-funded green re-education camps. I’m perfectly serious — they need to be compassionately re-nurtured and re-educated in order to have various corporate poisons removed from their souls. Is that such a terrible idea? I’m not Mao Zedong advocating firing squads.”