A Paramount Pictures website listing the international release dates for Darren Aronofsky‘s Noah says the film will open in Mexico on Friday, March 21st. This information is what led to my temporary plan to drive to Tijuana next Friday to see Noah (or Noe, as it’s called in Mexico) if no local screening opportunity has presented itself. I know that the trades have seen it and will post their reviews on 3.21.

The weird part is that when I search around for 3.21 Noe openings in Tijuana or Ensenada, I can find nothing. I can find information about Noe playing in Guadalajara and Monterrey. I’ve also found a mention of an April 4th IMAX opening. But no listings of the film playing on any Tijuana or Ensenada screens. Are the powers-that-be temporarily keeping Noe out of Mexican theatres near the U.S. border to discourage guys like me from seeing it a week earlier than the 3.28 U.S. opening? I’m just scratching my head here.