Once upon a time movies were about more than just attempts to connect and make money. To some extent they also reflected our culture, values, history, goals, dreams, conflicts, etc. We all realize that except for X-factor oddities like Money Monster and The Family Fang and the usual award-season titles, the socially reflective aspect has all but disappeared from theatres and migrated to cable and streaming. American movies used to be cousins of literature and theatre — now movie theatres are more or less amusement parks for under-25s and the none-too-brights. Look at a rundown of releases from any month in the ’80s, ’70s or ’60s and you’ll see the usual mixture of fluff, drama, fantasy and social realism. And look at the movies that are happening right now — what do they say or indicate about where your average moviegoer is at intellectually, morally and spiritually? Yes, I realize that April releases tend to be on the skanky or swampy side but really…what does this rundown tell you about the U.S. of A.? If you were God and were looking down from the clouds upon a country and a culture that you had often been proud of and stirred by during the first 200-plus years, what would you be feeling as you review this sad list of films? There’s only one with a potent combination of smarts, style, craft and social urgency — Gavin Hood‘s Eye in the Sky. (Here’s my 3.9.16 review.)