I’m sorry, but for the last 25 or 30 years I’ve been unimpressed by the planet Jupiter. I loved the idea of the 2001 monolith aliens setting up camp on Jupiter, and I adored those green and purple oceans and red-yellow deserts that Dave Bowman sees as he comes in for a landing near the end. But when I learned sometime in the ’80s that the planet is almost entirely gas and possibly without any solid substances, I tuned out. Wikipedia definition: “Jupiter is primarily composed of hydrogen with a quarter of its mass being helium, though helium comprises only about a tenth of the number of molecules. It may also have a rocky core of heavier elements but, like the other giant planets, Jupiter lacks a well-defined solid surface.” What good is a planet if you can’t land on it? How can you even call it a planet when it’s just gas gas gas?