Director Richard Thorpe is primarily known as “the guy who didn’t get it.” Reason #1 was because Thorpe was fired off The Wizard of Oz after two weeks of shooting, one reason being dissatisfaction over his decision to dress Judy Garland in a glossy blonde wig, which made “Dorothy Gale” look inappropriately older and even sexy. Reason #2 was Thorpe’s direction of this scene from Jailhouse Rock. For some odd reason Thorpe decided to allow a homely guy (heavy horn-rimmed glasses, Brylcream hair) stand next to Judy Tyler as Elvis Presley sang “Treat Me Nice”. Look at him clapping along. What was Thorpe thinking? Directing is about visual composition as well as guiding actors, and Thorpe nearly destroyed this scene by allowing “four eyes” to seriously distract.

Blonde-wigged Judy Garland during Richard Thorpe’s two-week tenure as director of The Wizard of Oz.