The N.Y. Post‘s “Page Six” team is reporting that the producers of Poor Things, a Lindsay Lohan flick about a couple of women who befriend and then kill homeless guys in order to collect their life insurance (i.e., a kind of avaricious 21st Century Arsenic and Old Lace), has pulled the plug. One stated reason is because “Lohan’s antics in Las Vegas over the weekend have scared the bond companies” — will she go back to boozing and passing out in cars? — and this has resulted in the funding for the film collapsing.
I’m hearing otherwise. A guy involved in Poor Things says fears of Lohan resuming her unstable off-set behavior wasn’t the thing. It was cancelled, he says, because the producers couldn’t raise enough foreign sales dough. However, Lohan’s name was the selling point that failed to generate sufficient interest, so it may have been her fault after all. If this guy is telling the truth, I mean.
A Lohan friend told “Page Six” that the actress “had nothing to do with that movie shutting down. It was a mess to begin with. They randomly fired Channing Tatum for Giovanni Ribisi, and then financing fell through because producers spent money like water. It was only supposed to cost $4 million; Lindsay was being paid nothing for that role.”