Diana Rigg: If you love me, I don’t see what other choice you have.
George C. Scott: What do you mean, ‘if I love you’? I raped you in a suicidal rage. Where did you get love and children all of a sudden?
Rigg: I think I should know if a man loves me or not. You must have told me a hundred times last night. You murmured it, shouted it. One time you opened a window and bellowed it out into the street.
Scott: Well, I think those were more expressions of gratitude than love.
Rigg: Gratitude for what?
Scott: Well, my God, for resurrecting feelings of life in me I thought dead!
Rigg: Well, my God, what do you think love is?
Scott: All right, I love you! And you love me. I’m not about to argue with so relentless a romantic.