“WikiLeaks is America’s Tienanmen. Julian Assange is the tank guy. We’re all holding our breath to see if we go all the way.

“While the people on the ‘don’t’ side try to discredit the man, and what he’s done, the story is still getting out. There are new revelations every day. As Arianna Huffington has said, all it takes is one story to electrify everything. I think in our gut we know [that] if the process is allowed to go forward, we can never go back.

“Assange says let’s know all there is to know. Let’s tell the people who take us to war and destroy countries and kill hundreds of thousands for profit — no more secrets. We’re not just going to suspect you’re doing it, we’re going to know. And maybe, if they know we’ll know, they won’t do it.” — Dave Winer, www.scripting.com, 12.31.10.