President Barack Obama‘s West Point Afghanistan speech last night reminded us once again that the right runs this country. It sure as hell knows how to crack the whip and prompt Commanders in Chief, young or old and of whatever party, to get out the old sheet music and sing the old hymns. And the Bush Jail guards are delighted because they know they’ll never be out of a job.

As we all know the tragedy of 9/11 wasn’t a single ghastly occurence, but a match that lit a fuse that still burns and looms large. It triggered a mandate and a rationale for a never-ending war with Islamic yahoos who may want to one day attack this country with more domestic terrorism. For as long as the 9/11 fire alarm continues to clamor in our heads, we will be inmates in Bush Jail. Because guys like Barack Obama can’t finally think of anything to say or do except “kill the Islamic wackos and keep killing them until further notice.”

As long as we believe, in short, that the proverbial “Wily Pathan” (as Richard Lester‘s How I Won The War describes him at 5:40 in this clip) is constantly plotting to bring more terror to our shores, there can be no end to it.

The only way to win the war against Middle Eastern terrorism is to kill every U.S.-hating Islamic wacko and every last one of his sons and cousins, and then bury them all in a huge mass grave in the desert. And even then we wouldn’t be safe. Because there is no such condition. So we’re in jail for life. No one is leaving.

The 28th Amendment, the still-unmade thriller about a young U.S. president who discovers the existence of a secret cabal that runs (and has always run) the foreign policy of the government, is not fiction.