It’s been an awful tech day and basically a black bummer all around, leaving me in the foulest of moods. I wrote my review of Slumdog Millionaire in the lobby of the Four Seasons hotel between noon and 2 pm, but the temporary online provider (Wayport, $15 bucks per day, bad news) killed the connection twice, and the second time my review, an 80% positive thing that was very tight and well-phrased, was lost when I tried to save it. (I have this unwise habit of composing on Movable Type.)
Then I saw Gomorrah, an Italian crime film which was as solid and raw and convincing as I’d been told. So that was satisfying, although I was still smarting from the loss of that Slumdog piece. Damn Wayport to hell.
Then I went over to the Starbucks at the Manulife Center (my office, more or less, with only one available wall plug) and was unable to log onto my MT 4.0 composing software via HE’s new Canadian server, LFC Hosting, due to some kind of blockage or viral whatsis that came, I suspect, from Wayport. I restarted three or four times, dumped cache and cookies…nothing. I have a backup computer with me, but the day has been a near-total wash in terms of filing.
I’ve been invited to re-examine the new Blindness and then come to the after-party at 11 pm, but I feel so dispirited all I feel like doing is grabbing some hot food in Chinatown and then heading back to the pad for some CNN or TCM. Zone out and forget everything.