Toward the end of this Real Time clip (or rather the “Overtime” supplement) from last night’s show, Bill Maher asks Dave Barry about his “youthful hair” — floppy, 80s-style, no augmentation — and asks if he worries about his “young-guy hair, old-guy face.” Barry says no, that this is “my fucking hair” and people need to deal with it, etc. Honestly? When I walk around Brooklyn and Los Feliz I see a lot of 20- and 30-somethings who have, from my seasoned perspective, old-guy hair with young-guy faces. By “old-guy” hair I mean overly shorn, repressed, constipated, bordering on military, not all that flattering. Young guys who aren’t suffering from prematurely thinning thatches should flaunt the fact that their hair is relatively thick and glistening.