From Chris Willman’s Gold Derby Telluride wrap-up, posted on 9.4: “It may seem unlikely that the world’s shortest film fest showcased three of the next five Oscar nominees for Best Actress, but there’s a good chance that just happened.

Emma Stone (The Favourite), Nicole Kidman (Destroyer) and Melissa McCarthy (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) all have to be considered major contenders — McCarthy fitting that bill most surprisingly of all at the end of what has to be one of the buzziest weekends of her life.”

HE to Willman: Kidman hasn’t a wisp of a chance, but the person who created her Dawn of the Dead zombie makeup may be recognized.

Resume: “In two of these cases (Can You Ever Forgive Me? and Destroyer) the director was also a woman — the estimable Marielle Heller and Karyn Kusama, respectively — and largely female crews were employed, adding to the sisters-are-filmin’-it-for-themselves feel.

“Then consider that two of the very best movies at Telluride were ensemble films that you only gradually came to realize featured nearly all-female ensembles — Yorgos Lanthimos‘ wickedly funny The Favourite and Alfonso Cuaron‘s touchingly nostalgic Roma — both made by presumably highly empathetic male auteurs.

“Finally, in putting a feminist cap on Telluride, consider that probably the most celebrated documentary of the festival was Reversing Roe, a Netflix pic about the history and current import of the abortion debate.”