There’s something about texting that over-50 women seem to resist or otherwise have trouble with. I’m convinced that on some level they feel that texting constitutes a violation of their soul space and are therefore enacting little rebellions by taking their sweet-ass time to respond or claiming they never got them, and in so doing are protecting their privacy. Either they don’t get back to you until three or four hours have passed, in part because they haven’t assigned a text tone that alerts them when a text comes in, or they’ll shut their phones off when they’re working or whatever, or they’ll leave it on the kitchen counter or the bedroom bureau when they go shopping or out with friends or to the gym. One way or another they’re always slow to get back. But all of this changes when you’re dealing with women in their early to mid 40s and younger. There’s some kind of generational dividing line. Older GenXers (those born in the early to mid ’60s) respond when they get around to it, but younger GenXers are almost always respond. Millenials, of course, don’t even think about it — they always text back, usually within minutes if not seconds. Me? I always respond to a text within five or ten unless it’s somebody I’d rather not deal with, in which case I’ll delay for an hour or two. Guys in general tend to be pretty good about texting, but older women are weird. Forget boomer women — 75% of them are technical klutzes on top of the attitude thing.