As we all know, the denial impulse is always turned up to 11 among Trump supporters. No matter what he’s reportedly done or said or intends to do, no matter how sociopathic his fantasy-embracing, foam-at-the-mouth behavior, between 38% and 42% of the voting-age populace will stick with this monster, come hell or high water.

Yes, it’s a good and worthy thing that Atlantic editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg, the guy who broke the “Trump called soldiers losers and suckers” story, is more or less pledging that “more reporting [will] come out about this…more confirmation and new pieces of information in the coming days and weeks.”

But Trump Nation will never want to know. You can stand them up before the gates of hell, and they won’t back down because they believe that non-whites, protesting BLM wokesters and LGBTQs are slowly taking over this country, and so they’re defending the Alamo against the troops of General Santa Anna.

It’s the fence-sitting hinterlanders and dismayed Classic Republicans who’ve almost certainly been influenced by Goldberg’s piece.