Seven days ago Jordan Ruimy reported that Woody Allen “is close to shooting his next film in Paris, possibly in October. It’s said to be a darker drama in the same vein as Match Point [with a] French- and English-speaking cast. There are no additional plot details, or a title for that matter.

“This would be Allen’s 50th film as a director” — and possibly his last, according to what the 86-year-old Allen told Alec Baldwin earlier today — “so you know that he’ll want to knock it out of the park.”

Two hours ago Deadline reported similar news — shooting in Paris in the late summer or early fall — after listening to the Baldwin-Allen interview. But without any mention of the forthcoming film having any alleged Match Point-like similarities.

No discussions of the notorious Dylan Farrow incident that allegedly occured in August 1992, and no mention of HBO’s Allen vs. Farrow doc that explored that incident, and no mentions of Baldwin’s horrible Rust incident that resulted in the accidental death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.