N.Y. Post critic Kyle Smith filed a Watchmen rave last night. Sounds like too much of a rave to me. (“Thrillingly sophisticated”?) But I was expecting Smith to be favorably disposed because he’s a comic-book generation guy, or close enough to it.

I said it a couple of weeks ago but it bears repeating: Take with a grain of salt the views of any Watchmen reviewer who grew up reading superhero comics, which is pretty much anyone under 40, give or take. They have their life savings invested in this bank, so to speak, so I know what I’m talking about when I say they can’t be trusted. In fact, trust no one on this thing. Don’t even trust Barack Obama if he winds up seeing it (which he probably will sooner rather than later).

Except for guys like myself, I mean. Only the stand-up boys who have zero investment in comic book lore can be trusted to tell it straight. We are the blazing truth-tellers — the ones who watch the Watchmen geeks.