As John Boorman‘s Point Blank opened on 8.30.67, I’m guessing it shot sometime in the early to mid fall of ’66. The wrap party, I’m guessing, was probably held in November or December of ’66. It happened at a place called “The Zoo” which was also known as Osko’s (333 So. La Cienega, corner of La Cienega and San Vicente, south of Third Street) around the same time. I’d like to time-machine back so I can attend. How many times in the life of the planet did Lee Marvin, Boorman (33 at the time, looked 27), Warren Oates (38 at the time, looked 30), Steve McQueen (36), Burt Reynolds (30), Keenan Wynn and probably Angie Dickinson joke around, get silly and dance the shing-a-ling at the same gathering?

(l. to r.) Lee Marvin, John Boorman, Michelle Triola.

(l. to r.) Steve McQueen, Neile McQueen, Burt Reynolds.

Warren Oates, Marvin.

The Zoo, 333 So La Cienega.

Boorman, Marvin, Keenan Wynn.