Up In The Air opens wide today. Today’s tracking says definite interest is strongest among over-25 males (35) and over-25 females (32). Unaided awareness is also highest among these two groups. The across-the-board first choice number is only 4, however. That doesn’t calculate…or does it? It’s been playing limited and has gotten great reviews that have mentioned its Best Picture potential. And everyone is cool with George Clooney, and is open to a good adult-level movie with heart and smarts.

What’s behind the limited enthusiasm then? All I can figure is that the word is out on that final ten minutes, which hasn’t gone down well with some I’ve spoken to. The ending, as I’ve said over and over, is what gives Up In The Air its integrity — the thing that makes it linger in the mind. What does Kris Tapley have to say about this?