What a wonderful world we’re living in…really! Sen. Al Franken, my biggest liberal hero and a Grateful Dead fan to boot, is apparently contemplating resignation over some bad behavior (groping) while rightwing Alabama nutbag Roy Moore, an alleged child molestor, is about to defeat his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones. Terrific!

Inappropriate sexual behavior shouldn’t be tolerated under any situation or circumstance, particularly when it comes to elected officials. With a seventh woman having now complained about gropings from Sen. Al Franken and with two dozen Senators now calling on him to step down, things are looking pretty bad for the guy.

One of the complaints against Franken stems from an incident that happened after he was sworn in as a U.S. Senator in June 2009. That alleged pawing of a married woman’s ass, I mean, at a Minnesota State Fair in August 2010. Which is too bad. Because if Franken’s behavior had been totally spotless since he assumed office eight and a half years ago, that might be a factor in assessing his appropriate course of action. From the strict standpoint of U.S. Senate rules and regulations, Franken’s behavior prior to being sworn in is not the Senate’s business.

But it is, unfortunately, because of that Minnesota State Fair incident. Or so I understand. Franken is probably a dead man. My heart is broken.