42 days ago I asked “what would we lose as a community or a culture if a final, irrevocable pledge was made by producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to never make another 007 film again, to just walk away and leave it forever?” My answer was “nothing” but the reader response was “everything! We wants our 007…don’t take him away….noooo!” Listen to me: I am sick to death of this franchise detonating explosions around the world. Spectre filmed in Italy, Austria, Morocco and Mexico, and you can be assured that big bluhdooms, the sound of squealing tires and clink of Martini glasses will be heard in each one of them. I’m numb; the novocaine is spreading. There is so much that could be conjured in the way of danger, thrills and suspense, and all the Bond films know how to do is press “autopilot.”