Yesterday at the American Pavillion I spoke briefly to music composer Tim Truman, who worked for Miami Vice director Michael Mann n in the ’80s on the Miami Vice TV series and also on L.A. Takedown, the 1989 TV movie that Mann remade as Heat in ’95. Truman’s IMDB history indicates he hasn’t been in Mann’s employ for quite a while since, but he may have a reliable source or two in the Mann camp. I’m saying all this because Truman claimed that the cost of Miami Vice (Universal, 7.28) is in the range of $180 million bucks. I thought I read somewhere that the cost was more like $125 million, but we all know how actual costs are often kept under wraps. This is all just “loose talk” and shouldn’t be taken to the bank, but it aroused my curiosity. How in the practical world could a contemporary high-tech cop thriller cost anything like that amount? No big-time special effects, no period dressings…seems dubious. If anyone knows anything solid or has a counter-figure of any kind, please advise.